How it works / Owner

BeachBoard is a peer-to-peer marketplace which connects beach hut owners with anyone who wants to rent a beach hut and set up camp for the day.

List your beach hut

Follow our easy guide:

Create a profile

Sign up to the website using your email address.

List your beach hut

Write a description, upload your photos and set your rental price. Review and publish.

Accept a booking

Answer any questions from potential guests promptly. Accept or decline their booking.

Your payment

Once you have accepted a booking, BeachBoard will collect the rental fee in full and pay it into your bank account within five working days of your guest’s visit.

Confirm details

Email your guest the precise location of your beach hut. If you will not be there to welcome them, supply the code for your safe key system and an emergency contact number.

Write a review

Write a review of your guest. Your review will appear automatically on your guest’s profile page and will help us to build a friendly and supportive BeachBoard community.

Your listing is your chance to show your beach hut off, so it's important to mention everything that might help guests to make their choice, including any house rules.

Anyone will be able to find your beach hut with a simple search of the site. However, only those who have signed up with BeachBoard, and been verified by us, will be able to contact you to check availability and make a booking.

Everyone renting or listing a beach hut through BeachBoard will be bound by our Terms & Conditions.

Further information: