Frequently Asked Questions

Got a query about Please check the list of frequently asked questions below.

What is is an online marketplace enabling verified users to list or rent beach huts on a daily basis or for longer periods.

How does it work?

Once Guests have registered with, they can select a beach hut, check its availability and contact the Owner direct to book. Full payment is due after a booking has been accepted.

Is there a charge to list a beach hut?

It’s free to list a beach hut. is not currently charging owners a Service Fee on bookings.

How are prices set?

Prices are set by the Owners and reflect the general condition, size, location and amenities offered.

Are there any additional costs for Guests?

Guests pay the listed price of the beach hut plus a 20% Booking Fee, payable to on confirmation of booking.

How do Guests make a payment?

Payments can be made via Stripe or PayPal. If you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal – you can make payments as a visitor, using your credit card.

Can beach huts be booked for more than a day?

Yes, if they are available for the dates specified.

Can Guests stay overnight?

Some beach huts are for day use only while others permit overnight stays. If a beach hut specifies that it is for day use only, you must not stay overnight.

Is there a maximum number of Guests per beach hut?

Most beach huts have limited space and are equipped for a maximum number of people, but this should be confirmed with the owner. Our Terms & Conditions preclude using the beach huts for parties or large gatherings or from playing loud music. Beach huts may not to be used for non-leisure purposes without prior agreement from the Owner.

How do Guests find their beach hut?

Guests will be supplied with location details by the Owners prior to their arrival.

Do Owners check Guests in and out?

Owners will either provide a personal welcome or supply the code for a key safe system prior to the Guest’s arrival.
Guests are trusted to leave beach huts in a clean and tidy condition and properly secured. Some Owners may request a photo of the Beach Hut on departure to confirm its condition.

Is there a check-in or check-out time?

Beach huts are normally available from dawn to dusk. Please check with the Owner.

What about queries/problems? is a marketing platform. Queries about equipment, amenities or access should be directed to the Owner who will also supply a contact number for use in emergencies.

Why are Guests and Owners asked to write a review?

Guests and Owners will be invited to write an honest review of their experience. Guest reviews will be posted on the beach hut’s listing page; Owner reviews will be posted on the Guest’s profile page. As our beach hut community grows, Owners and Guests will be able to check reviews before making or accepting a booking.